3 Steps Towards A Healthy Home

8 years ago
2 minutes

Whether you live on your own, or with a small army of children, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been more important than now.

A healthy lifestyle refers to not only what you eat and how often you exercise, but there has also been strong reports suggesting that a healthy wellbeing is equally as important.

This can include almost anything about your interiors, to how you prepare for sleep; so, for the beginners out there, how does one start of?

Here are five helpful wellbeing tips for your home this year.


The bedroom should only be a for a few things, one of them being sleep. But there is one unhealthy habit that many are doing, and that is using your smart phone before sleep, as well as sleeping next to it.

Using your phone so close to your prying eyes at night throws your body clock out of wack. As you become more tired, the melatonin that your body produces increases; a chemical in which tell yours body to begin to prepare for rest and sleep. 

Artificial light screens such as cell phones or televisions force your body to stop producing melatonin, so be sure to not use your phone at all when you are in bed.

Having a phone underneath your pillow may be comforting, but there is no research into the long-term consequences of sleeping on top of a wave-transmitting device like your iPhone. Instead, leave your phone in the kitchen, or far away from you.


Colour can be a really important step in promoting wellbeing. Whilst I know many prefer almost white everything, having coloured bowls and plates will not only freshen up your home, but will also trick your brain to not over-serve yourself at dinner and lunch.

Having a black ceramic plate, or a dark red one, has been proven to make you choose a lesser serving, sometimes close to 30%.


Clean sleeping

Almost literally, clean bedroom linen is imperative to both a good nights sleep, and the general health of your body’s largest organ, the skin.

Whilst pimple breakouts can be attributed to many things, one is definitely the pillow case.

So be sure to change your pillowcases every few days in order to promote a healthy skin, and a cleaner living.

The same goes for your sheets - overnight, especially in summer, we sweat a lot. Sweat not only smells, but carries harmful bacteria which is by no means a promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, changing your towels regularly will also prevent any nasty bacteria getting into your body.