4 ways to barbecue in an apartment

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Hosting a summer barbecue is a favourite pastime for Australians of all ages, and with summer well and truly underway the weather is perfect for inviting family and friends over for a barbecue. Most apartment buildings will have certain rules and regulations around barbecuing. By being mindful of these and planning ahead, you’ll be fully prepared to host the best barbecue in your social calendar this summer. 


Check the rules

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Each apartment building will have its own rules around whether or not you are allowed to use gas or charcoal barbecues, and what size and type you’re allowed. Ensure to check with your property manager or the body corporate in your building about what the specific rules are for your apartment. Knowing what type of grill you can have as well as the regulations around them is the key to avoiding any barbecue-related issues in the future.


Invest in the best barbecue for apartment living

When you’re buying a grill, you’ll need to assess what size is the most appropriate for your space. Apartments being built today are often spacious, with many featuring large balconies or courtyards, so more often than not you shouldn’t need to sacrifice barbecue size for balcony space. 

For those who are allowed to use gas and have a lot of space in their building, the Spirit II E-310 Gas Barbecue from Weber could be the perfect option. Having a barbecue of this size will mean you can grill appetisers and sear steaks all at once for optimal efficiency. 

Alternatively, you could opt for a charcoal barbecue like Weber’s Original Kettle Charcoal Barbecue 57cm. This model is smaller and more compact, making it the perfect bbq for smaller apartment living. Because it is a charcoal barbecue, it’s also an ideal option if you’re not allowed to use gas in your apartment building. 


Position your barbecue in an ideal spot


When you’re cooking hot food, it’s always a good idea to ensure ease of use wherever possible. Plan out where to place your barbecue so you can easily transport ingredients back and forth. When you can access your barbecue easily, you’re more likely to use and enjoy it. 


Safety first

Safety is always paramount when you’re barbecuing, so it’s important to take all the necessary precautions. First thing’s first, read the manual that came with your barbecue. Ensure your barbecue isn’t placed under any overhanging materials and keep it clean to avoid any flare-ups or hazards. 

Finally, always keep an eye on the grill and never leave the area while it is on. 

With the right preparation and knowledge, hosting a barbecue in an apartment is the best way to spend a sunny afternoon with friends and family. 

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