5 deliberately unfinished interior designs that just work

6 years ago
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If you’ve been thinking about giving your place a revamp lately to add some character within your four walls, it might be less of a job than you think. In fact, you might not even have to finish the job at all. Trending in home interiors right now is the concept of unfinished design. Think exposed concrete, peeling plaster, rough paint jobs and wires dangling decoratively. Check out these stripped-back interiors for some inspiration about how you can finish off (or not, rather) your own apartment's interior design.


HB6B, Sweden, by Karin Matz

article-imageThis tiny apartment in Sweden's capital was abandoned in the 1980s, half way through a renovation. When Karin Matz discovered the property and completed the renovation, she intuitively decided to preserve some of the home's original features, including peeling plaster walls and crumbling brick.


Skip Stop House, England, by Design Haus Liberty

article-imageDesign Haus Liberty converted this home in Marylebone, England into a collection of apartments. To keep costs down, they stripped the wallpaper to expose patches of plaster and finished the look with industrial-style furniture and vintage lights with dangling cables. 


Pompeia Apartment, Brazil, by Vitrô Arquitetura

article-imageIn this São Paulo apartment, Vitrô Arquitetura unearthed structural concrete pillars during a renovation to give the space a raw and stripped-back appeal. 


deFlat, Netherlands, by NL Architects and XVW Architectuur

article-imageDutch studios NL Architects and XVW Architectuur won this year's Mies van der Rohe award for renovating this massive post-war apartment building and leaving flats more bare than usual, allowing residents to fully customise the homes to their taste. 


Setagaya Flat, Japan, by Naruse Inokuma Architects

article-imageThe exposed concrete walls of this small Tokyo flat are smeared with cement for an undressed aesthetic. Naruse Inokuma's full vision was to combine old, raw elements and new, refined elements, which he achieved by fitting the floors with modern sliding plywood partitions. 

Images from Dezeen.


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