5 design cues to take from Bobby Burke’s interiors in Queer Eye season 6

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As the design expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, Bobby Burke arguably has one of the most difficult jobs on the show. After seeing the house he will be making over on a Tuesday, Burke typically has until Friday to redecorate the house. Season 6 saw Bobby redesign a number of beautiful homes, all while providing viewers with impressive design inspiration. These are five design cues to take from Bobby Burke’s interiors in Queer Eye season 6. 

Create flow throughout the home 

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Having flow in a home is something that Bobby has previously emphasised to Architectural Digest, saying that “A home needs flow and good energy”.

This design philosophy is clear in every aspect of the homes Bobby designs in season 6 of Queer Eye. Episode 6 sees him makeover the cluttered home of Jerika into a calming oasis away from her busy life. The neutral colour scheme flows throughout, whilst sentimental items are incorporated to evoke a sense of comfort. 

Design a home that reflects your personality and energy 

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Hand in hand with creating flow, Burke makes special effort to ensure the each person’s personality shines through in the interiors of their home. For instance, he adds artwork of a bull to the home of rancher Josh, and personal photos as well as plenty of healthy plants to the home of Angel. 

Opt for neutrals tones

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One thing that viewers will see in almost all of Bobby Burke’s home transformations in Queer Eye is a commitment to neutral colours. In season 6, Bobby talks about the benefits of using neutral colours throughout your home. He suggests that finding large items like couches and rugs in neutral colours creates a beautiful canvas for smaller pops of colour and pattern to be added to a room. These are usually added through vibrant pillows and artwork that reflect individual personality. 

The final episode of season 6 sees Bobby and the team help rapper Reggie Devore. In a home that was previously full of coloured walls, Bobby redesigns the space to feature more muted tones that are still bright and joyful, implementing wooden panelling in the living room to create a stripe effect. 

Implement different textures 

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Whilst the colour palettes that Bobby Burke works with are typically neutral, he often enhances interiors by using textured materials. For instance, the blinds he uses in Josh’s home are made from a bamboo-type material that contrasts well with the white walls and softer textures of fabrics in the room. 

Utilise lighting as an accent piece 

Instead of treating lighting like an afterthought, Bobby makes an effort to choose lighting fixtures that compliment the rest of the room. Textured lampshades or spherical chandeliers will often make an appearance in Bobby’s designs - adding a level of depth and creativity to a room. 

Season 6 of Queer Eye has undoubtedly provided viewers with plenty of design inspiration. For more information on designing your apartment or townhouse interiors as well as news, market insight and lifestyle, click here.

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