5 simple household tasks you've been putting off

5 years ago
3 minutes

It’s hard to find time to fit socialising, cooking and relaxing into a typical weekend schedule, let alone household chores. Most people end up doing the bare minimum, like laundry and vacuuming, omitting the important yet less immediate tasks. Use this Easter long weekend to tackle the tasks usually left by the wayside.


Let’s face it — unless you’re a very conscientious and effective cleaner, it’s unlikely you clean your grout as often as advised. To perform a deep clean, ensure your bathroom is well ventilated. Dilute bleach with water in a spray bottle and spritz your shower walls and floor. Then, use an old toothbrush to scrub in between the tiles. Spray it down with the showerhead when finished.

Declutter your closet

The days are getting shorter and colder, so it’s the perfect time to perform a seasonal declutter on your wardrobe. Put aside winter coats for dry cleaning, let go of any items which appear either stretched or worn thin, and stash your summer clothes at the back of the wardrobe or in the spare room.

Check on your garden

Your backyard is often the last on the list of things to fit in on a typical weekend and, as such, it can tend to get a bit unruly. Get stuck into the weeding — this could be one of your last opportunities to do so before winter truly sets in. Gather up autumnal leaves and place them in garbage bags. These can sit in your shed until spring, by which time they’ll have broken down to become mulch — perfect for restoring depleted soil.

If you have a vegetable patch, now is the perfect time to plant things winter vegetables such as sweet potato, broad beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts and cabbage. After you’ve finished gardening, remember to stow equipment under cover to prevent rust. 

Cleaning filters/fans

When was the last time you checked the filters on your air conditioners/heaters and bathroom exhaust fan? Check your heating and cooling appliances and give the filters a good brush down if needed — filters can usually be vacuumed, too. If you let dust build, it can affect the air quality in your home.


Scrub the oven

Unless you’re lucky enough to have one of those new self-cleaning ovens, yours will need a good scrubbing. To perform the best clean possible, empty the oven of racks, pans and anything else which can be removed. You’ll need baking soda, vinegar in a spray bottle and cleaning cloth. Sprinkle the baking soda throughout the oven and follow up by spritzing the vinegar. While the mixture fizzes, get to work with the cleaning cloth. Finish by wiping the inside of the oven with a damp sponge and rest easy knowing that’s one job you won’t have to do again soon… at least until the next long weekend.

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