Easy ways to maximise the light in your apartment

2 years ago
1 minutes

A brighter, lighter and accessible apartment will not only make the apartment look bigger, but also make the place and yourself feel better. Here are the five best tips to getting your apartment lighter.


Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash


Mirrors are many purposes; to see yourself, to make rooms feel bigger, and to make a room brighter. To create a brighter room, place a large mirror opposite an open area (usually a window, or your apartment’s brightest room). If placed opposite a window, the mirror will reflect the natural light as well as the views.

Reflective surfaces

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash


Reflective surfaces include glossy coffee tables, metallic chairs, smooth surfaces on kitchen benchtops, or even floorboards and polished stone floors. Whether you opt for one or a few of these options, you will certainly maximise the light you currently have.

Reduce obstructions

Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash


Light comes from windows - and there is nothing more refreshing than natural light. This is multi-faceted, and layered, so make sure that if your place is currently lacking that natural light, remove light obstructions near windows. Importantly, bookshelves and partitions should generally be placed perpendicular to the window wall so objects are not intrusive to light coming into the room.

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