6 easy ways to make your new property feel like home

2 years ago
3 minutes

It always takes a little time to settle into a new property, especially when the walls are bare and the cupboards are empty. Moving is stressful and to top it off, you can often feel unsettled when half your possessions are still packed away in boxes and you can’t find things easily. The good news is, there are a few easy ways you can make your new property feel like home — and it won’t take up too much time.


Create a relaxation zone


Unpack all your decorative blankets and couch cushions to instantly turn your lounge room into a warm and inviting space. It’s important to make sure your living room is ready for relaxation from day one so that no matter which other rooms are still half-unpacked, you always have a space to feel at home in at the end of the day.


Recreate familiar sights


Research shows that simply looking at art can make you happy and reduce stress. Hanging your art up as soon as you move in lets you quickly inject a bit of your personality into your new space. While you’re at it, make sure to put up any framed photos you had on display in your old home, for added warmth and familiarity.


Go green


Indoor plants lift up any room - instantly. Try picking a small plant variety like a maidenhair fern or devil’s ivy to place on your desk or window sill. These species are more durable and won’t require too much attention while you finish settling into your new home.


Put your books away first


Like your art, your book collection says a great deal about who you are and there’s nothing like a personal library to make your space cosier and more 'you'. Spread them out on different shelves and intersperse them with some of the decorations you love most.


Don’t ignore the kitchen


It’s a functional space and that gives you even more reason to ensure it has some familiar elements. Unpack all your magnets and fridge decor and put them up straight away. If you have a dining set that you use only on special occasions, consider buying a dish stand and displaying it on your benchtop.


Set up the drop zone


In a new home, it can be easy to misplace important items like wallets and car keys, which is why creating a space where you can dump things as soon as you walk through the door should be on your list of priorities. 

You can put a bowl for keys on a coffee table or place a coat stand where you can hang your bag by the front door. 

Finish off by placing freshly cut flowers in a vase by the front door and you have a house which is infinitely more homely.

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