7 questions for leading interior design studio Mim Design

6 years ago
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You may have noticed that some of the most well-crafted apartments to launch to market lately boast interiors by renowned interior design studio Mim Design – we certainly have. So who better to shed light on the secrets to creating beautiful, modern apartments than Senior Interior Designer of Mim Design, Charlotte McGill? Read the interview below.


Charlotte McGill, Senior Interior Designer of Mim Design

1. What kind of spaces does Mim Design create interior design work for?

We are very lucky to design a myriad of projects across a range of disciplines, including multi-residential, residential, retail and hospitality. Recently, we also completed work on a high-end retirement apartment building, which was a first for Mim Design.


Mim Design interiors in Linden House apartments in South Melbourne

2. Does Mim Design have a signature style, or do you completely adapt your work to a specific project or client brief?

Conceptual design is an integral part of our design process at Mim Design, that is, creating individually tailored interiors in response to each client brief. It is important to have a holistic language to connect the client to the design.

3. What are the recognisable staples of a Mim Design finish?

The use of authentic materials is an important design factor in what we do. Natural stone and textural finishes, such as polished plaster and timber, play an integral role across many of our projects.


Mim Design interiors at Helm apartments in Hawthorn.

4. What recent residential projects is your team most proud of?

That’s like asking who your favourite child is! We love them all the same. All of our projects have their own identity and character, idiosyncrasies and quirks.



Mim Design interiors at Helm apartments in Hawthorn.

5. In apartments, what was the top interior design trend for 2017? And what do you predict 2018’s top trend will be?

2017 saw the use of vertical timber screening to great effect. We’re seeing more sculptural forms in 2018, such as curving plaster walls, bold stone detailing and oversized proportional elements.


Mim Design interiors at Helm apartments in Hawthorn.

6. When renders of off the plan apartments are created based on your designs, is all of the furniture and decor chosen by your team too? And if so, are these details based on real items?

When developers approach Mim Design to work on their projects, it is not only for our design expertise, but also to use our brand for their marketing. We therefore select all furniture and styling accessories and work closely with the renderers to ensure we are creating a holistic vision for the buyer.

7. How would you describe Mim Design in just three words?

Authentic, holistic, contemporary.


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Hero image: Mim Design interiors at Helm apartments in Hawthorn.