8 Tips To Dressing Up Your Foyer

8 years ago
4 minutes

When you enter your own home, you want the first step into the door to be inviting and bubbling with your style. 

The entryway to your apartment is the first and last thing you and your guests see, so why not revamp this space this season?

There is always renewed interest in designing this special space as it is quick and easy to do. Firstly consider the needs for your space. What do you want it to say? How do you want it to portray your style? Do you want it to be purely decorative or practical or organisational?

Here are some easy tips to add vigour and style to your vestibule, welcoming anyone to your dwelling. 

Add colour

If a wall space is all you have, don’t think the limited area in your foyer is stopping you from making a big impression! A warm and bold colour will welcome your guests and capture their attention instantly! Even adding a piece of art work on the feature colour wall will lend your hallway a lot of compliments! 

Control the clutter

Keep the space clear, neat and tidy, so that the entrance lends a sense of openness. Clutter of furniture and mess will turn away guests rather than drawing them in. Ensure the front door can freely open all the way. To control the clutter, place a thin console, bench or hall table in the walkway that will remove clutter, without a compromise on design. A spacious dresser is stylish and practical for keys, shoes ands coats. Using overhead shelves and storage space is a fanciful and functional way to avoid clutter.

Add a focal point

When guests enter your apartment, a focal point or a statement piece is the perfect way to capture their attention and draw them into your home. A large piece of artwork, a big mirror, a large floral arrangement, or an inviting chair should do the trick. 

Choose your scent

Nothing is better than walking into a fresh smelling home. Choose the scent for your home and mix it up each season. Even oven baking coffee beans adds the perfect home-cooked smell before guests arrive. 

Light it up

Without a good light, your foyer can look dull, boring or even cold. Install soft lighting that is warm and inviting - having your lights set to a dimmer will make a small room look more inviting and make a large room look more intimate. Dramatic lighting pieces can also add to the effect of your entrance. As a personal favourite, a lamp and a vase of flowers on a slender console table adds a perfect inviting glow to your vestibule. 

Display it

A wall display can say it all. It is eye catching and engaging. By grouping mirrors or framed photos, this impeccable positioning can be lined up the staircase with a tight arrangement of framed family photos in the same style and colour frames. If you're looking for a more stylish technique, a range of white mirrors in different sizes and shapes can be used to catch light to bring the sun into the darker hallway. This is also a smart way to create the illusion of extra space by visually expanding a contained area. 

Be practical

If practical living is for you then redecorating your hallway in an organisational manner is the way to go. Bright colours, chalk boards, calendars, umbrella stands, boot trays, shoes racks, clothes hangers, hooks, shelving systems, hall trees, woven baskets…the list is never-ending. 

A bench and lockers for the family is the perfect way for effective storage space where one can take off their shoes, store their school bags and put their coats away. Woven baskets are definitely underrated- as they are perfect for storing items such as scarves, gloves, beanies, caps, keys and more.

The hallway is a commonly used spot for regrouping before heading out, or taking a well deserved seat as you walk in after a long day at work.

Create some charm

A charming, distressed dresser and antique mirror is stunning in an entryway.  Painted furniture, and a vase of fresh flowers will soften the look, feeling warm and inviting. An entryway chair next to the dresser is the perfect stylish addition that will enhance the look of your home entrance. 


So get started and revamp your foyer, staying true to your design needs and wants! 

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