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9 years ago
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I often notice that people are fearful and apprehensive to include bright colours and extravagant prints into their finishes palette when decorating their home. Maybe it was considered early on…but after thinking too much about the bright colours, or staring at the prints for weeks/months, there is a switch in mind-set and most people prefer to ‘be safe’.

Big Mistake...

I believe styling our spaces can easily be compared to how we put together our daily outfits. Do we wear beige pants, a beige tshirt, and beige shoes??? NO….we tastefully balance complementing tones with a pop of a bright print or colour through an accessory, scarf or any another item.

Our homes, too, should be a reflection of our taste, our style and should make us excited .

Instead I often get asked/told… Why does my home lack soul?… I don't know how to bring life into my living room...etc.

Today I wanted to introduce the idea of layering bright textures and prints through upholstery. If you are thinking of reupholstering your pillows, an ottoman or dining room chairs NOW is the time to add soul to your space!

In a recent residential job I just completed, the wonderful clients were daring and very excited to integrate varying prints into their dining room chairs. We chose 6 different fabrics and upholstered the 12 chairs each with a different front to back (like a top deck chocolate!). We had so much fun choosing the fabrics and the result couldn’t have been better!

Fabric companies often already have palettes of fabrics which work together. But if you find yourself in a situation where you dont like their options, make sure you have common tones between all the fabrics. This does not mean they all have to be green – or red or purple, or perhaps only one specific type of pattern,it just means make sure the tones between the fabrics work together.

I like to include 1 or 2 bold fabrics into the mix.

Another solution to the above is buying chairs or pillows that are already upholstered in a fabulous fabric.

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