Airbnb Luxe is launching in Australia

5 years ago
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While the property market has fluctuated over the past year, luxury developments have become increasingly popular. And now, Airbnb is attracting owners of high-end apartments with the launch of Luxe — premium residences which give the guest a boutique intimate experience.

Airbnb Luxe offers an elevated travel experience. Each home listed as ‘Luxe’ will include its own trip designer, or travel specialist — perfect for airport pickups, childcare, catered meals, and concierge. 

The collection of Luxe listings is already growing, including a 52-person resort on a private Polynesian Island for the casual sum of $146,183 per night, a 4 bedroom penthouse in Mayfair, London for $9,756 per night and a wood-panelled 3 bedroom lake house in New Zealand for $2,570 per night.


Image source: Te Kahu, New Zealand

The platform is pitching at high-end Australian property owners and luxury holidaymakers, with the belief that the people who can afford these kinds of experiences prefer to feel closer to the action than in an expensive hotel which has no personality.

“These homes have a story, they’re destinations in themselves,” says the global head of marketing for Airbnb’s luxury division, Eshan Ponnadurai. “There is a desire to be close to local communities, culture and to experience things like a local.”

The platform will kick things off with 50 Australian-based luxury properties across Sydney, Byron Bay and Queensland and sites in Melbourne will be online from September. Properties include a Bondi Beach penthouse (available for $4,000 per night) and a ‘sky loft’ in Darlinghurst with views over the stunning Sydney harbour ($1,200 per night).


Image source: Darlinghurst sky loft, Sydney

Last year, Airbnb recorded a 60 per cent rise in bookings for accommodation costing more than $1,000 per night. Airbnb said this indicates the potential success of Luxe, as there is now a higher demand for luxury properties and experiences than ever before.

Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky says, “Today’s luxury traveller is craving more than just high-end accommodations. They seek transformation and experiences that leave them feeling more connected to each other and to their destination.”

“For example, literary fans can seek inspiration and beachfront luxury at The Fleming Villa in Jamaica where Ian Fleming wrote his famous spy novels.”

Travellers can also choose from homes in South Africa, castles in France, and historic Tuscan villas.

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Hero image: Villa Mexance