Album sleeve artwork can cover your walls with music

5 years ago
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Looking for a quick and easy solution to decorating your walls in a way that says more about you than the standard off-the-shelf piece of art? Look no further than your own music collection.

The music we love evokes something about our personality, so it’s a natural choice to express this within your home. And it’s as easy as picking up a few album cover frames, like these from JB Hi-Fi.

Display your musical tastes – or discover new ones

There’s something particularly pleasing about the size and format of album covers that makes them great for grouping together. Lining up a few in a row is the perfect solution.

Dip into your collection and select something that’s visually striking, evocative of what you’ve been listening to lately, or choose a few albums that are particular favourites – you’ll be conjuring up music in your mind every time you look at them.

Don’t have any vinyl albums of your own stashed away? No problem. Head down to your nearest vinyl record store, op shop or bazaar and you can pick up a handful pretty cheaply. You might find a new artist you hadn’t heard of.

Vintage vinyl works well

As well as displaying your own musical tastes, album covers really capture the artistic zeitgeist of any given time. They’re a snapshot of bygone eras, and they ooze pop culture history.

Just like vintage cafe posters and magazine ads, vintage album covers work particularly well. Especially if they’re important albums that have become iconic. So, mix things up by delving a little further back in time.


Image source: Instructables

Change the record

The real beauty of these frames is that it makes it easy for you to swap out album covers whenever you like. If you have a large vinyl collection, you have an instant library of art from which you can curate an ever-changing exhibition – you can constantly refresh your artwork whenever you feel like it. Or if you’re a vinyl newbie, simply take another trip to the op shop and refresh your frames with a few new treasure trove finds.

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