Amy Schumer's Apartment Up For Sale

8 years ago
1 minutes

Amy Schumer is selling her adorable New York City apartment for around $2 million USD.

Her adorable one-bedroom apartment is more quaint than you'd expect. 

The beautiful one-bedroom apartment is located on the upper-west-side of New York City, only a mere block away from Central Park. 

The outside view of the stunning Manhattan building emphasises the beauty of the walk-up apartment, divine with high ceilings and a rooftop terrace. 

The one bedroom apartment plus study (bedroom), is certainly spacious enough for two people. The beautiful fireplace in the bedroom only makes this apartment more appealing. 

The stunning and cosy living room is packed with beautiful decor pieces. 

A marble countertop with checked-tiles…how chic can Amy get! 

The beautiful rooftop garden is impeccable and immaculately presented. With a stunning garden of plants and flowers, and an area to retire to in the sun, this rooftop terrace couldn’t get much better!