This apartment building includes onsite botox injections

7 years ago
3 minutes
What kind of added extras tempt you when looking for an off-the-plan apartment? A gym, perhaps. Or a rooftop garden? A new development in LA has taken things to the extreme with their inclusions package – onsite botox injections.
The project, Live Ten Thousand, is located on LA’s prime real estate strip, Santa Monica Boulevard. And as crazy as botox injections might seem, they’re just one of a huge range of amenities and hospitality-style services offered. That is, if you have enough in the bank to lease an apartment in the 40 storey building. Let’s run through a few of the amenities you can expect from your high-rise palace.
Need to pop out for a spot of shopping amongst your favourite luxury brands? Just hop in the complimentary Rolls Royce parked downstairs and the on-call driver will take you wherever your credit card beckons you.
A one-acre private park includes an outdoor theatre, even a dedicated dog run so you can keep your best friend from going stir crazy without ever having to walk LA’s occasionally mean streets.
Tired of taking care of the small stuff? There are staff to run errands for you. Spa treatments and personal trainers offering a regular schedule of exercise classes to keep you fit. There’s even a full-service bar and private dining room that will have your next cocktail party talked about in the social pages.
These are all the kinds of services you’d only imagine you’d see in a luxury hotel, but in a growing trend you can now experience them in the comfort of your own apartment building.
Added value in apartment building design has the effect of increasing the size of the individual apartment experience. Amenities that extend the living possibilities in a genuine way mean the apartments themselves don’t have to squeeze as much in. So you end up with larger living spaces connected to a greater number of living benefits within a self-contained building.
As Uber, Airbnb and a hundred food delivery apps can attest, we are increasingly driven by our expectations around service and delivery convenience. It’s not that we want to be waited on hand and foot (do we?) but that we just want a range of convenient choice and we want it on our doorstep. Or at the very least, at the touch of an app.
Why own a car when I can borrow a luxury vehicle and driver whenever I feel like it? Why cook when I can head to my catered dining room? Why do anything, really, when there’s someone on call to take care of it all for me?
Whilst Live Ten Thousand might appear to be going overboard in typical LA style, the thinking behind it is driven by real consumer demand for a life of everyday luxury. Our desire to live like kings and queens in our own homes continues to push developers to find new ways of allowing us to do so.