Apartment dwellers want WiFi over washing machines

7 years ago
1 minutes

What’s more important to you – having a clean pair of socks, or being able to binge-watch Netflix?

A new survey reveals that apartment renters consider WiFi and high-speed internet access are a more important amenity than a laundry.

The survey was conducted among over 200 apartment building managers, owners and real estate developers and certainly gives a strong indication of what investors should be looking for when considering the purchase of an investment property.


Commissioned by Comcast in the US, the survey found that 87 percent of those asked believe that technology plays an extremely or very important part in maintaining tenant’s satisfaction levels in their home.

Only 13% of those surveyed thought having a washer and dryer in their apartment was their most important need in a home.

Around 75% of those surveyed said most residents in their properties enquired about communications services such as internet, telephone and tv prior to renting.

Findings include:

• 34 percent ranked Wi-Fi access as the most important amenity, followed by high-speed internet (25 percent) and in-room laundry facilities (13 percent)

• 89 percent cite technology as an important factor in a renters’ decision to sign or renew a lease

• 30 percent believe quality communications services boosts property values by at least 20 percent

The report clearly indicates how intrinsic to our lives internet access has become to all of us. And when most people only do laundry once a week but use the internet every day, the results shouldn’t come as a surprise. But whether you’re buying an apartment for yourself or as an investment, without a reliable internet connection, living in it won’t be much fun for anyone.

source: comcast