Apartment Fruits

8 years ago
3 minutes

It is time to get out of your comfort zone when it comes to fruits and start exploring the more exotic ones. Just because it isn't your common apple and orange, this shouldn’t stop you from eating them. 

Here’s a few fruits explained for you which can have a significant impact on your health and well being, and are simply delicious with meals and drinks. This new year, make your resolution to try new fruits. 


A tangy fruit, grapefruit has a sweet juiciness to it, that is similar to the popular orange. Its flavour is paradise, similarly to the orange, lemon and pomelo. Grapefruits have many health promoting benefits; it is an excellent source of Vitamin C to help support the immune system and also reduces the severity of inflammatory conditions like asthma and arthritis. 

Grapefruits are also known to lower cholesterol, prevent kidney stones, protect against colon cancer. 

Grapefruits are great in juices, in a salsa, with seafood and go very well with salads. 


Lychees are often turned with a blind eye for their weird appearance. But little do people know, their health benefits are outstanding. Not only do they have a higher concentration of vitamin C than oranges but also contain the essential minerals of copper and potassium and can improve prevention against disease. 

Lychee’s are a tropical fruit grown in Hawaii and Florida and are low in fat and sodium. 

Similarly to strawberries, lychee’s also contain a high content of polyphenois. This has the potential to counter the effects of ageing, prevention of cancer cell formation, and prevention of diabetes. 



This extremely beautiful fruit covered by dazzling flowers has an intense shape and colour. They are known to be grown by royalty and wealthy families hundreds of years ago.

Dragonfruit has a refreshingly sweet flavour and is delicious in fruit juices, jams or salads. You can even juice it and add it to alcohol for a delicious drink. 



Acai berries have become more and more popular in the past two years. They are tremendously healthy and have plenty of health benefits such as aiding heart health, weight loss, skin issues, digestion, allergies, immune system and energy levels. 

Acai is also known to be one of the best sources of antioxidants, acting as an aphrodisiac and a brain booster. 

This tiny berry can ultimately have fabulous effects on your health and wellbeing. 

Discovered in the Amazon Basin, acai berries come from the acai palm. 

Nowadays, the recent popularisation in cafes of the acai berry is used in “Acai Bowls”…delicious and nutritious.