Apartment living comes to The Sims

7 years ago
1 minutes
Not even the virtual humans who populate The Sims can escape the fact that apartment living is on the rise. Makers Electronic Arts have just announced that the latest expansion pack for the long-running series will focus on the buying and selling of apartments.
The Sims 4 City Living expansion pack, released November 1, will feature an extended map and a new bustling city, divided into four new neighbourhoods to explore or live in.
The aim of the game this time is to set off your eager young Sim on the property ladder with a small starter apartment and, though job swapping, hard work and general foresight, have them work their way up to a swanky penthouse.
Whilst the experience may be a little too realistic at times — get ready for cockroaches, leaky pipes and pushy landlords in the old apartments — the game at least recognises the apartments landscape as a part of everyday life for most inner city dwellers.
With the growing use of VR knocking on the door of the real-world apartment sales process, we wonder how long it will be before you’ll be able to spend a week in your yet-to-be-built apartment to see how you like it before you buy. 
Game on, we say.
Source: The Sims