Art Alternatives, Are There Any?

8 years ago
2 minutes

Whilst everyone dreams to walk into a gallery and purchase every piece on each wall to decorate their apartment with, the reality is art is expensive and money doesn’t grow on trees. 

But what if there were a few cheaper art alternatives that you could invest in for your home that are affordable?

It’s time to dress up and decorate your blank and boring walls in your apartment with some affordable and creative artworks, photo frames and prints. 


This is becoming very popular over the past few years. Online, you can find many quality pieces from some very talented individuals for an affordable price. A website called Tiny Showcase sells artwork for a price that an average consumer can afford. The site displays a community for artists to display their works. 


You can dress up any room with your own ideas. Everyday objects can become part of an eye-catching display in your home. For example, using spare utensils or antiques to hang on walls. 


This can look fabulous if you do it right. Washi Tape has a fun printed design, available in different sizes, patterns and colours. This Japanese style of wall decorating is very easy, affordable and looks great when you want to add some colour.


Make your home special by showcasing family photos and portraits on one wall. You can use the same size or different photographs and frames on a light or bold background wall to add charm to your apartment. Mix it up with some portrait shots, full body poses, singular photos and group photos to create a unique gallery display of your family. Photo frames are a simple way to decorate a wall but they look chic and eye-catching and can upgrade your space instantly. 


Inspiration from magazines is a popular thing to do. Instead of tearing out the pages and putting some blue-tac on the wall, cut it neatly and frame it. Try all black and white pages to make a display wall in a bedroom of fashion. 

So get thinking, its time to decorate those walls cheaply. There is no denying a decorated wall looks impeccable compared to a white bare wall.