Balcony Trends And Where To Find Them

8 years ago
2 minutes

As summer is near approaching, everyone is craving that outdoor time whenever they get the chance.

In apartments, balcony’s are the new backyard, and they do wonders. But, they can always do with some sprucing up, to make that warm outdoor feeling a touch better with some trendy designs. 

For some, this extra space is perfect for storage and chucking junk items in.

Or it may just hold a single table with a sad, dying pot plant. So why take away the joy of outdoors and the best spot of the house? 

Small spaces can be fabulous too! Whether you have a big or small balcony, any size can work, so get creative and create an illusion that makes the space look bigger than it is by filling it with small, versatile items. 

Think of how you would like to use your balcony in a way that will benefit you the most. The options are decide which type works best for your mood and personality.

Do you want your balcony to be cosy? Do you want a garden-rich balcony? Do you want to use your balcony as a bar? Do you want a romantic retreat balcony? Do you want a morning coffee balcony? Do you want your balcony to be purely for relaxation for yourself or an entertainment space for your guests? 

Imagine yourself sitting out on a cosy balcony after a long day at work, with a glass of rosé looking over the exterior of your view. 

Maximise the space as best you can and be clever. Think outside the square, in a big or small balcony you can always play with the space you have.

Remember, a balcony is an appealing space to have in real estate…so make sure it’s a statement area in your home!