The best gadgets for your bathroom

8 years ago
2 minutes

Technnology is a prevalent part of our everyday lives, except when we are in the bathroom; so why do we neglect it?

Here are five of the coolest bathroom technological tools/gadgets that will help you do what you do!

Use Your Smartphone

Not only can your phone send messages and make phone calls, but yes, the apps you download can even operate your bathroom.

New apps today, named "Unique Automation" can control the temperature of your bath, can start the water when you're on the way home from work, and will automatically turn off when it gets that little too full - oh, and if you're running late, it will regulate the temperature for you. If you can, this is a must try!

The Ultimate Toilet

Yes, yes, we all love our time on the toilet, and some people (*cough* mainly men *cough*) would love to spend even more time sitting down.

So here it is: equipped with an automatic lid and accompanied flush, an in-built bidet, an air dryer, an automatic deodoriser, a heated seat and feet warmer, colour changing illuminated panels and Blue-tooth so you can listen to your favourite radio station or music from your phone...oh and it's all done with a tablet. Check out Kohler's Numi Comfort Height Toilet...

Concealed Towel Heater

No more towel racks that children can burn their hands on. This new towel rack-heater is concealed within your towel cabinetry, where rolled-up, hotel-esque, towels are warmed for when you hop out of the shower or bath...

Intuitive Lighting

Want to go the toilet in the middle of the night? Easy, no longer will you have to leave the light on throughout the night to prevent you from stumbling into walls and doors. Intuitive bathroom lighting will do the trick as it is sensored lighting.

This secondary light, that is often placed underneath a fixture, is a soft light that illuminates enough light for you to function adequately in the bathroom - no longer will those blinding down-lights make you wide-awake.

LED Taps

These taps are designed to visually tell you the temperature - blue means cold, and as it shifts from pink to deep red it tells you that the water is getting hotter.

Great for young children, and convenient for anyone who has their finger on the pulse.