The best indoor plants for your apartment

7 years ago
3 minutes

A brand new apartment can be pretty bare. Adding indoor plants is sure to liven it up and add some colour. No matter the space, large or small, there’s a plant or fern that will make a nice addition of greenery to your home. Here are our top choices for indoor plants that will thrive in an apartment.

If you’re after drapery, Devil’s Ivy and Swedish Ivy are ideal. Place them up high and watch them climb their way around your bookshelves. Hoyas have colourful clusters of star-shaped flowers and are the go if you’re after a quirky succulent look whilst maintaining the draped aesthetic. You can snip them back at the shoots if they become unruly.


For a truly robust succulent go with a Rhipsalis. They thrive in arid desert regions so will survive even the most forgetful owners and the occasionally dry, air conditioned atmosphere of an apartment.


Ficus Lyrata has beautifully textured leaves. Their larger size means they can easily dominate a space and become the feature of a room. They will favour a brightly lit spot, but keep them out of direct sunlight.


To bring a lush tropical look into your home opt for Kentia palms. Known for their dark green fronds, they will cast fantastic contrasting shadows and stand up to the chilliest of mornings.


Known for their delicate foliage, Maidenhair ferns will add a light and luscious touch to your apartment. They are notoriously temperamental – be sure to keep them in a tempered room that’s not too dry and away from direct sunlight. Your fern will flourish in the humidity of your bathroom.


Spathiphyllum, also known as the peace lily, features a beautiful flower and is rugged in nature. Native to South America they are a prized treasure of the jungles they inhabit. If the flower starts to fade, cut it off from the bottom of the stem and new shoots will soon form.article-imageBoth Philodendrons and Monsteras have large and unique leaves and will be a bold and funky statement piece in your apartment.


As with all indoor plants, they are lower maintenance than their outside counterparts. You should water your indoor plants two or three times a week. If you’re ever unsure if watering is necessary, put your finger in the soil and feel for moisture. If they’re dry, give them a drink, if not, leave them. Over-watering your plants can cause the soil to rot and emit a pungent odour.

The size of the pot will dictate the size they will grow to. Smaller pots will stunt growth, larger pots will allow the plant to expand. Depending on conditions, change the soil annually or add fertiliser to ensure there are enough nutrients.

Whatever your choice, a plant or two will enhance any interior, be it spacious or compact, traditional or contemporary.

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