Billionaires sell mansion, donate money to an animal charity

7 years ago
1 minutes

It’s not unusual for multi-million dollar properties to come on the market. 

But what is unusual is when the owners of a $59 million property vow to donate the proceeds to a local animal charity. 


Billionaire David Duffield and his wife Cheryl are avid animal-lovers, and were left devastated by the death of their miniature schnauzer Maddie in 1997.

It inspired them to start not-for-profit animal welfare group ‘Maddie's Fund’ in memory of their beloved pet, and as a means to create a “no-kill nation where every dog and cat is guaranteed a healthy home or habitat”.

So, if you find a spare few million lying around and feel like donating to a worthy cause at the same time, the 8.7 hectare sprawling estate on the market resembles an English manor, and comes with eight bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a dog park, dog spa, two paw-washing stations, underground vault, waterslide, and a treehouse complete with a 22 metre suspended bridge. 


Situated 50 kilometres east of San Francisco, the Duffields purchased the property in 2005 and finished construction just three years ago.