BMW's Electric Car

8 years ago
1 minutes

Sustainability is an important discussion point when building any apartment building.

There are serious requirements at both a construction and design level that makes apartment buildings as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible (within reason).

Interestingly, a development in Toorak, is offering the brand new BMW i3 (an emission free electric car) to the first five apartment sales.

One Irving Road, which is a mid-size development consisting of only four levels, is offering BMW’s latest piece of innovation, accompanied with a garage that has electric car charges and a carbon dioxide monitoring systems, if you are one of the first five purchasers. Starting at around $74,000, it is a real lure to those adamant about possessing an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The inclusion of the BMW is to cement the stance that apartment living and urban design is and promotes cleaner living. Despite the misconception that CBD’s and cities are contributing to pollution, it is often argued that the complete opposite is occurring. 

Specifically, in apartment living, the emission levels have produced a consensus that without the use of a car, communal areas and billing, and not needing to manage an extensive garden provides a cheaper and healthier lifestyle. 

The BMW i3 is available to order now - and is set to rival Tesla Motor’s Model S and Model X - click here for the latest details on BMW's i3 and i8 models.