The Boxing Day Guide

8 years ago
2 minutes

Boxing day, why not continue the christmas celebrations in a more casual manner with a small party at your apartment, can you think of a better way to spend it ?

Keep it relaxed. The day after christmas, everyone is quite exhausted. So why not spend the day sharing the same feeling with everyone else. 

Essentially, boxing day is usually celebrated by giving gifts to those less fortunate, where servants and tradesman would receive gifts from their bosses or employers, otherwise known as “Black Friday”.

Today, Boxing day is a public holiday and more commonly known as one of the biggest shopping days of the year, with huge discounts… it is also one of the busiest. 

This year, why not change it up? No matter where you live or the size of your apartment, throw a party and avoid the chaotic shopping streets of Melbourne, stay indoors to enjoy your own celebrations.

It would be a waste spending all that time setting up beautiful decorations for christmas for one day, especially when you can use them for two days. 

Even more, you're bound to have plenty of left-overs that need to be eaten from Christmas day.

That way you’ll save time on food preparation as its all ready and money. 

Christmas leftovers can be used in plenty of ways. Whether served cold, mixed into a stir fry or salad or reheated, your circle of friends will love it either way. 

Although your guests may feel tired or lazy from a big day of eating and drinking, they wont want to lounge around when they see what you have in stall for them at your party. 

1. Get some board games out, you’ll be surprised how involved everyone gets. 

2. When in Melbourne in December, the heat is usually out. Get out in the sun and play some sporty activities, maybe even a game of cricket - after all, boxing day is the day the cricket tournament test match begins.

Remember, as it is the day of giving, make sure you have some charity boxes out around your apartment for your guests to donate some spare coins.