Bring nature indoors - biophilic designs to add life and depth to your interiors

2 years ago
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At the height of the 2020 lockdowns, many of us turned to indoor plants as a hobby. The memories are all too vivid - browsing to find the next member of our plant family, click and collecting from our local nurseries or Bunnings, then rushing home to inspect our latest addition to our green collection. A year on, many of our homes are still mini greenhouses filled with monsteras, spider plants and begonias. 

While this is a wonderful way to add a biophilic flair to your home, it’s not the only way to bring the outside in. Here are a few other ways to incorporate nature into your interior design. 

Artwork, photos or posters

Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash

Hanging artwork is a quick and easy way to add a particular design element - the same applies to adding a biophilic touch. While you’re more than welcome to commission a bespoke piece of art, you can also try your hand at painting or drawing. The beauty in nature is that it is imperfectly perfect so don’t worry if you’re not a trained artist. Also, remember that it doesn’t have to be a painting to take centre stage on your wall - you can easily press beautiful flowers or unique leaves then frame them for a truly one of a kind statement piece. 

Let light and air in

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash

Inviting natural daylight and airflow into your home will add a unique depth of atmosphere and create a wonderfully natural ambience to your home. Whether you have impressive floor-to-ceiling windows or something more modest, push aside the curtains to let daylight into your interiors. Not only will your home glow, this will also add a dynamic backdrop ideal for both relaxing and entertaining. Take it a step further and open your windows - not only will this increase air circulation, you may also be pleasantly surprised by the sounds of nature. 

Add warmth and textural intrigue 

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Timber floorboards and natural stone add a sense of warmth to any living space but these aren’t always elements you can quickly add. If you’re looking to add textural intrigue but are not sure where to start, you would be surprised how much design flair a cosy throw can add to your space. If you don’t have a fireplace but are yearning for that sense of cosiness consider candles. Not only will your home smell great but candles will also create ambience with their naturally sepia hues and dynamic shadows. 

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Header imagery by Prudence Earl on Unsplash