Buy Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment for US$400

7 years ago
1 minutes
How would you like to own Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment? Well, now you can – in miniature.
Produced in a limited edition of 5,000 this intricately detailed model features everything from the original studio set. That includes all the individual furniture, books, plates, carpet, the old Apple Mackintosh computer – and of course Jerry’s green bicycle hanging on the back wall.
It’s perhaps the most recognised apartment in popular culture, so the team behind the replica model had to make sure they got every detail right. They collaborated with the original show creators, designers and studio executives to achieve the most accurate authenticity.
Every piece of this model – and there are over 100 separate pieces – is crafted from appropriate materials like metal, fabrics and wood, and everything is intricately hand-painted.
The detail is impressive, brought about by referring to original design sketches, Polaroids and colour swatches.
“Once I laid eyes on the completed model, I thought it was amazing. Seeing the piece in all its glory triggered memories of many wonderful experiences working on this now-classic TV show,” said Tho. E. Azzari, the Production Designer on the show.
The model is currently available for pre-order. And, not that we are in any way endorsing this product, but in true Seinfeld fashion the site is offering an introductory ‘Festivus’ special on the price…
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