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7 years ago
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Choosing an apartment that has a unique point of difference can really add both short term enjoyment and long term value.

When your apartment stands out from the crowd you are more likely to be able to ask a higher rent or hopefully secure a higher price should you sell it.

In a move towards offering this kind of residential differentiation, developers are teaming up with experts from other fields to add their unique touch.

One such example is alternative health guru, Deepak Chopra. He has begun applying his expertise in wellness and alternative health therapies to the design of apartments, with the first being Muse Residences in Miami, Florida.


Chopra has written 80 books on the new age subject, 21 of which have been New York Times bestsellers. And now he’s creating living spaces that aim to deliver elements of his holistic wellness philosophy in physical form.

The apartments feature the latest water purification and air filtration technologies, all designed to boost the immune systems of the people living in them. They even adjust to the needs of residents at different times of the day and night, with lighting that mimics the human internal body clock.

“The place that you live in is your extended body. The air you’re breathing is your breath, and the water is your circulation ... So you have to take care of it,” Chopra told


The apartments start at a cool US$5 million, so you might be grateful for their calming interiors when it comes to signing on the dotted line.

But you don’t have to head overseas to find something special. A quick search on Apartment Developments will reveal many local developers are tapping into the skills of leading architects and interior designers to create residences that have unique qualities.

From airy sun rooms to rooftop gardens to hotel-quality residential services, developers are layering lifestyle benefits into their projects more than ever. And all of this makes those particular apartments different and potentially more attractive in the marketplace.

So, seek out an apartment that offers something more, something different. It could be beneficial to your mind, body and bank balance down the track.

Source: businessinsider

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