Carpet Court’s range of stylish hard flooring is ideal for apartment living

3 years ago
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There are a multitude of benefits that come with embracing apartment living – from heightened convenience and low maintenance costs, through to improved security and superior peace-of-mind. 

These positives also come with some apartment-specific considerations, and maintaining noise levels in high-density living conditions is certainly one of them. 

There are many intelligent ways to increase noise reduction while maintaining a stylish aesthetic, and forward-thinking flooring company Carpet Court are leading the way in creating functional, high-quality and design-enhancing hard flooring – which also aids in reducing noise. 

On top of their stunning range of hard flooring, the innovators at Carpet Court have developed an impressive range of WoodBeQuiet wall panels, which are incredible for reducing noise in communal areas, while offering a striking and stylish design feature. 


The options and benefits of hard flooring for apartments 


Hardwood timber floor is a fantastic design choice in a home, as it provides a natural warmth and timeless sophistication to any space. Hardwood flooring has stood the test of time, making it an intelligent investment in your home that improves its overall aesthetic and comfort. The stunning hardwood flooring range at Carpet Court boasts exceptional Building Code of Australia ratings, and is available in a range of stylish colours, patterns sizes. 

The easy installation and low maintenance costs further add to the appeal of timber flooring, with the noise reduction benefits achieved through Carpet Court’s range of hardwood flooring making it a great choice for apartment flooring.

Carpet Court’s range of hardwood flooring blends in seamlessly with a variety of different styles, allowing it to easily fit into your home decor. Wood floors are fairly easy to clean, normally a good mop will remove any spills promptly. 



Thanks to the long lasting, durable qualities of the laminate flooring range available at Carpet Court, it is a fantastic option if you’re looking for flooring that will stand the test of time – in a range of stylish options.

Laminate flooring is protected by a tough external resin coating, making it an extremely strong, long-lasting, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant flooring solution – great for busy apartment living.



The range of stylish, functional and high quality vinyl flooring at Carpet Court is ideal if you’re looking for the look of real timber, with increased durability. 

As vinyl is so easy to clean, hard-wearing and versatile, it is a great flooring choice for apartment living. Vinyl flooring is very comfortable under-foot and also aids with noise reduction. As it is a more cost effective option and so easy to install, it is a very popular flooring choice.  


Hybrid flooring harnesses the very best attributes of both laminate and vinyl flooring, combining to create an incredible flooring choice that is water, stain and scratch resistant.

A key benefit of this innovative flooring option brought to you by Carpet Court is that it is the first rigid floating floor product that can be installed throughout the entire home – making hybrid an incredibly functional, intelligent design choice.


A sophisticated design choice 

Choosing hard flooring allows you to update your colour palette as your style changes, as the muted, natural tones of Carpet Court’s hard floors match almost all styles very well. 

Hard floors give you the ability to express your colour scheme through the choice of rugs and other floor coverings – which further enhance the noise reducing benefits of the Carpet Court hard flooring range. 


Designers love hard flooring for its ability to add character to any room, which is why it is such a popular choice in new apartment developments across the country.

To incorporate the stunning range of hard flooring available at Carpet Court into your home, click here to book a free measure and quote.