Celebrity Art Collectors

7 years ago
2 minutes
A brand new off the plan apartment is the ultimate blank canvas. Adding your own touch can take many forms, and buying a few pieces of art is a great way to start.
If you’re thinking of investing in an original piece (and you needn’t spend a lot to own something beautiful) then you’re in good company.
Architectural Digest recently scoped out the rich and famous to see who owned genuinely notable collections and knew their Dali from their Degas. Here are just five of the art-loving celebs on the list.
Kanye West
You can take the rapper out of the art school, but you can’t take the art school out of the rapper. West famously attended the American Academy of Art then dropped out. But his interest in art remained, leading to his eclectic collection. He also regularly collaborates with artists for album art.
Sofia Copola
A big fan of photography, paintings and drawings, the indie director of hit like Lost In Translation and The Virgin Suicides has collected art for years. Her collection includes works by Tracey Emin, famous for the use of the written word in her pieces – a perfect match for this highly imaginative writer/director.
Alec Baldwin
Currently causing a stir with his regular impressions of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin is a well-known supporter of the arts, with close ties to such institutions as the New York Philharmonic. Baldwin is a knowledgeable art collector, though sometimes 
Madonna’s large art collection is thought to be valued at around US$100million. Pop’s big-hitter owns plenty of equally big-hitters including Damien Hirst, Frida Kahlo and a Picasso she bought at auction for $5 million.
Marc Jacobs
It’s often the case that creative people from one field are fans of creative work in another. Fashion designer Jacobs has a number of artworks in his collection, including four by Andy Warhol.
All of these art-loving celebrities started somewhere, with just one piece. And there’s one key piece of advice most art dealers give to those thinking of starting a collection – don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, buy what you like. Remember, you’re the one who has to sit and look at it every day – even if you’re Kanye West.