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9 years ago
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Welcome to Part 2 of  of ‘A step inside your perfect living room’. For Part One, click here. In this part, I will break down the important elements of the living room space and explain why you are having certain difficulties making it your own beautiful abode!

Today I would like to concentrate on popular trends that I am seeing reoccur in many beautiful homes around the world and concentrate on the many ways you can bring life and character to your space. Lastly I outline critical features to create your perfect living room!

As a designer, I'm not really one to stick to ‘trends’ or colour palettes for spaces, however I am noticing a lot of pale timbers, and an abundance of colours, specifically pastels - which is fantastic! I also see a lot of bold areas of whites and blacks being used. By keeping your living room bright and light you are allowing the space to become its own.

What do you think of feature walls? What do I think about adding ‘punch’ and ‘spice’?

I love making something a feature in a living room. My style seems to combine a mix of modern influences gone eclectic! I Love Spanish, Italian, Indian, Asian and Moroccan styles and I work these together with a touch of 1950’s retro and modernism. It somehow works.

I tend to find myself working with artists to create custom art or buying one off pieces such as  Balinese bed heads, Vintage artefacts or timber carved doors as a feature to hang on the wall in a living/dining space. In some homes I have used gorgeous wallpaper to add to the vibe of the room, but it would have to really be something amazing and unique!

Is one flooring finish better than the other?

No Its personal!

I am an advocate of carpet however I always say no to carpet in a living room. I much prefer to use a hard surface – a timber floorboard, polished concrete or large format tile to run from the kitchen right through the living room. A rug in the living area is a necessity! Not only does a rug separate and distinguish the area as separate but it also adds to the ‘physical and aesthetic’ comfort of the living space.

There are certain key furniture pieces I always encourage clients to consider!

I must stress that each space and client is different so this question will need to be quite general, however, a good comfortable sofa, is most important for me. The shape, upholstery choice, and scatter cushions will make a world of difference.

Comfortable dining chairs/ bar stools according to the design and a functional dining setting are also critical pieces.

Lighting is incredibly important to the atmosphere of a space, I always urge clients to hang pendants above their dining table or a wall hung retractable light fitting that can be pulled over the table.

Lastly Multifunctional furniture, such as side tables and stools that can respond with your everyday needs and lifestyle are perfect for smaller spaces. Using CAJA  as an example, I have found that all the CAJA items have completely helped make my space functional and beautiful! The units transform clutter into museum worthy installations, aesthetically combating the small space dilemma! A resolution with global potential as we downsize. CAJA also allows the user to mix and match elements according to their immediate desires/needs. No other furniture on the market allows for this versatility and opportunity for personalization.

Window coverings can totally change the feel of a living room. Drapery in a beautiful fabric would definitely be a preference of mine, adding warmth and elegance to a room. Drapes work beautifully with full height window glazing as well.

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