Choosing an apartment project that suits your personality

5 years ago
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There are so many exciting things to consider when you search for an off-the-plan apartment that it can sometimes be overwhelming. When you’re in the initial stages of research, we’ve found there is a fail-safe parameter you can use — your personality. But searching ‘low-density apartment project on a quiet street’ is clunky, which is why we’ve researched which kind of apartment developments pair best with which personality.

Quiet Achiever

Some people enjoy living in the middle of the city, in high-rise apartment blocks surrounded by people. But if the mere thought of encountering ten neighbours on the way to your front door gives you the shivers, then you’ll want to look for low-rise apartment developments (according to Energy Star’s website, 16 homes or less counts as a low-rise).

There’s a broad range of this kind of project on the market. When you begin your search, keep an eye out for words like ‘intimate’ and ‘private’ in the marketing descriptions. Features such as separate entryways and secluded courtyards and terraces often indicate a sense of solitude and quiet in the homes.

Located on the fringe of Melbourne’s CBD and benefiting from Fairfield’s village-like atmosphere, No.71 Station St is the perfect example of private homes within a low-density apartment project. Each of the 20 residences achieves a balance of intimacy yet openness, with warm and soulful interiors enhanced by a palette of robust and honest materials.


Image: No.71 Station St

Life of the party

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be the kind of person who loves being around people — whether you like hosting dinner parties or inviting a few close friends and family around for an afternoon barbecue. If so, then you’ll want to look for medium-to-high density apartment projects.

Why? Because the bigger projects mean more people and have been developed to encourage interaction between neighbours. According to an interview the Sydney Morning Herald conducted with a family living in a high-rise apartment, the social benefits of living in the right kind of high-density development are exponential. The family says the inclusion of an on-site café and restaurant provides the ultimate convenience, and they connect with their neighbours on the way through the building.

Besides being an extrovert’s dream, these kinds of projects include luxurious shared amenities and amazing views — the only downside is that body corporate costs can be sure you can afford them and that you’ll be paying for amenities that are of value to you. This is why it’s important to look for projects like Ringwood Residences, where the inclusion of a Holiday Inn means all residents have access to the hotel amenities without wearing any of the costs of maintenance.


Image: FOCUS Melbourne


The way Australians work is constantly shifting and it should come as no surprise that many of us have to work longer and longer hours. If you’re a workaholic and often don’t get home until late at night, you’ll benefit from living in a mixed-use precinct where all the daily necessities are at your doorstep.

There are a few new projects in Melbourne’s city which offer retail and dining precincts on-site, as well as services such as child care centres, supermarkets and hairdressers — all in an effort to reduce your travel time.

Melbourne Square is a great example of a mixed-use precinct where everyday amenities are included on-site. Located in Southbank, you’ll be in an ideal position to walk to the best of Melbourne’s retail, dining, education, recreation and employment precincts.


Image: Melbourne Square