Choosing a Couch for your apartment

7 years ago
3 minutes
Not that we’re lazy, but many of us spend a lot of time in our apartment on the couch, either working, on the internet or watching tv. It makes sense to buy the right kind of couch to suit your lifestyle.
Here are our top tips for selecting the perfect couch for your apartment.
1. Comfort
Number one priority. But that doesn’t just mean making sure it’s comfortable to sit on. Depending on how you use your couch the most, it may mean comfortable to lie on or to sit upright with a table to work at. Have a think about the many uses you’ll put your couch through and when you’re trying one out, make sure it stands up to each task in as comfortable a manner as possible.
2. Colour
So many options, what to choose? Most off the plan apartments these days are carefully styled to be a neutral blank canvas for buyers to add their own touch. But that doesn’t mean plonking a bright red couch in the middle of your living space is a smart idea.
We talk about trends here quite a bit and the importance of choosing the right times to follow them or not. With a big purchase like a couch, it may be better to choose a neutral couch and add this season’s colours through the use of throws and cushions.
3. Fabric
This is an important one if you want your couch to last you a while. Choose leather and you give your apartment an instant look of luxury, plus cleaning everyday spills will be simple. Or choose one of the many hard-wearing and stain-repellant fabrics available and you’ll be a little cooler during the hot months.
It may also be smart to select a fabric that has texture, as this will hide general wear and tear more effectively.
4. Flexibility
The beauty of most contemporary living room seating combinations is their ability to be configured how you want them. If you’re going invest in a couch it may be worthwhile considering going the extra mile and buying a complete combination of separate pieces. This gives you the opportunity to chop and change the look and functionality of your living space whenever you feel like it.
5. Sofa bed
Another key consideration, particularly if you are in a small apartment and still want to have the option of having friends and family stay over. 
Sofa beds have come a long way in recent years and there are many on the market that look just as stylish as a premium couch. If you decide to go for this classic piece of double-featured furniture, choose one that is just as comfortable to lie in as it is to sit on – anyone who has had a rough night in an uncomfortable sofa bed will know there’s nothing worse.
6. Storage
Apartment living is all about effective use of space and storage, and there are plenty of couches designed to help you do just that. Couches that cleverly incorporate hidden storage are perfect for tucking away things in what would otherwise be wasted space. 
They’re ideal for items associated with the couch itself like blankets and spare cushions. But they’re equally great for stuff you don’t need to get to very often (given that you’ll be sitting on top of them) thereby freeing up storage space elsewhere in your apartment.
Now, sit back and relax…