Choosing an interior design style for your apartment

7 years ago
3 minutes

With most modern apartments being designed with a neutral approach, there’s opportunity to add your style of choice through the use of furnishings, fabrics and lighting pieces. But what if you don’t really know what your own style actually is?

Pinpointing your own style is easy. Here are our top five interior design styles to consider for your apartment.

1. Modern

Pretty much every new apartment is all set and ready to be decorated in the Modern style. And likewise, pretty much any furniture store and showroom will be stocked to the roof with the right furniture.

It’s all defined by its clean lines and simplicity, but with plenty of warmth and soft furnishings. The perfect Modern interior combines a few bold, contemporary pieces with a wooden item or two for balance – but always with the practicalities of a modern life at the heart of the design and layout.

Key Features: No frills simplicity and geometric shapes.


2. Mid Century Modern

The Style that came back to life and took over the world in recent years, Mid Century Modern looks like it has transcended time and is here to stay.

As its name suggests this style was originally popular back in the 1950s and 1960s. Appreciation of this style has grown over time, and it is now seen as the perfect way to add warmth and elegance to a contemporary interior.

Key Features: Dark timber furniture with muted palette fabrics

3. Minimalist

You might think the minimalist approach is perfect if you’re lazy. But here’s the thing – more than any other style, Minimalism requires the most upkeep to maintain. You have to be highly vigilant when it comes to tidying and putting things away.

Minimalism doesn’t have to be cold and stark. It just needs to have as few embellishments and furniture pieces as possible. Furniture should be as streamlined and elegant as possible, with a preference for squared shapes and neutral colours.

Key Features: Empty, shiny surfaces – lots of them.


4. Urban

A bit of a conundrum these days, given that most of us live in ‘urban’ areas, the ‘Urban’ style is more about accentuating the elements of construction. This style can be a little tricky to pull off in a brand new apartment, given that some of its standout characteristics are exposed brickwork, unfinished surfaces and industrial-looking fixtures. But you can still give your apartment the basics of this look through the selection of key items like furniture, shelving and lamps. 

Any combination of the unfinished and the refined will achieve this look. And if you’re lucky enough to have a polished concrete floor in your apartment, you’re already halfway there.

Key Feature: Exposed brickwork and steel finishes

5. Scandinavian

Simplicity is again at play with this style. There’s a cool confidence in the materials of this Nordic style, mainly light timbers and fabrics, set against a predominantly white or cool grey background. In fact, the monochromatic palette is key, with pops of colour provided by carefully-curated objects and art pieces.

The clean lines of a Scandi home are not to be messed with, so furniture is functional and minimalistic – no big cushions here. Throws and blankets are suitably simple and in neutral tones.

Key Features: Light wooden floors. In fact, light everything.