Copenhagen Pushing Design Limits

8 years ago
1 minutes

Denmark is renowned for its progression when it comes to social, environmental and political agendas - leading the way as the happiest nation in the world.

When it comes to design, Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, is regarded as a centre for innovation - from their iconic architecture as seen by the Opera House, to the city's bike freeway, Copenhagen reiterates its cultural priorities with every new structure.

The city is working with a new local plan for Steven Holl Architects’ project for two skyscrapers joined by a pedestrian bridge at the entrance to the historic harbor in Copenhagen.

Original design proposals include two hotel and office towers that will be placed on opposite sides of the harbour; with a walking and cycling sky-bridge connecting the two.

The design won the competition in October 2008 by a unanimous decision. Construction has been delayed by the economy, but is planned to start in 2016/17 if rental efforts are progressing satisfactorily. 

The design was honored by a Progressive Architecture Award in 2010.

The competition required a pedestrian bridge 65 m above the harbor (for cruise ship clearance) allowing direct links from Gate L to Gate M and the Nordhavn train station.

Steven Holl Architects’ ‘Linked Hybrid’ project in Beijing, featuring 8 bridged towers, was awarded both ‘Best Tall Building in Asia and Australia’ and ‘Best Tall Building Overall’ by CTBUH (Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat) in 2009.