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It’s no secret that apartment living is on the rise in Australia. Even families with children are opting for a downsized life in return for city living.

The 2016 Census revealed that family households represented nearly half of the apartment residents, while in Sydney the number of families with kids in high-rise units more than doubled over the last 10 years.

Whilst an apartment life has many upsides including less maintenance, great amenities, and location, it can pose spacial issues. But there are interior design tricks to make your apartment seem like your very own private mansion.

The magic of mirrors 

Mirrors can give the illusion of extended space. Placing them in the right parts of your home can give a sense of community to the area and make it seem bigger.

A large mirror above a bed, dressing table or couch can make the room not only look nicer and more expensive, but make it appear more expansive.

credit: Camilo Vianna

This can also work if you have a narrow kitchen. A longer mirror, strategically placed can help alleviate this feeling of being cramped. Fit it horizontally along one wall of your kitchen, keeping it above cabinets and other furniture so it’s visible. Or have it filling a larger area, like behind the sink and table, installing it seamlessly into the design.

credit: inspiredkitchendesigns

Opt for built-in storage 

When there is no clutter, the space immediately feels and looks a lot bigger — remember how big the home looked before you moved in with all your belongings.

Whether you’re buying or looking to rent, try to opt for a place with plenty of in-built storage places. This is a far better solution than big, bulky cabinets in your living areas or bedroom. 

If you’re currently sitting in a rented apartment, look for corner cabinets that can blend in with its surroundings and take up minimal floor space, like this one from catch.

credit: catch

Purchasing multi-functional furniture can also ease much of lives space issues in an apartment. 

Get yourself a sofa bed so you don’t have to give up your bedroom to sleep on a blow-up-bed every time a friend comes to stay. This Scandinavian 3 seater sofa bed, plus ottoman futon couch, is the perfect solution. 

credit: catch

The right furniture for the space

A big couch in a small room can make the space feel more cramped, leaving no room to walk around. So it’s important you measure your living area when buying one and not ordering a four-seater that juts out around a corner.

Pick pieces that are small or medium in size and consider flexible pieces like stools, chairs and ottomans that can be moved around more easily in the home. 

credit: Photographix India/Mirari Design Visuals

Floating shelves not only look great but create extra storage space. They are perfect for small areas because you can stack them as high as you want, while not making your home feel cluttered.

Use them above or below the TV to house your DVD collection or create more of a statement piece to hold decor, houseplants or accessories to create a beautiful work of art. 

credit: connollys


This sounds simple, but it’s one of the most effective things you can do when trying to create more space. 

Don’t pick things up off the floor and put them randomly on shelves and in cupboards for the sake of it, place them strategically to create a look of structure. 

credit: Paloma 81

Plants are something that brings in that element of freshness to your home, but too much foliage can prove counterproductive. 

Choose small potted plants that can be placed near the window, or place a statement piece in one of the corners of your home.

Vertical succulent gardens are perfect for those wanting to add art and greenery to their home without taking up valuable space. This one is not only inexpensive, but a brilliant centre-piece to any wall. 

If you’re after something smaller, however, then make use of those hanging spaces to place some quainter greenery. Unused coat hangers, for example, are an ideal location for a small plant. 

credit: Charlotte Roberts

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Hero image: Hudson Green