Cull Your Space

9 years ago
2 minutes

Today I want to talk you through some of the most common interior decorating errors I see in homes and how I can help you avoid these!

I often walk into the homes of friends/family and get told…“the living room…. its just so awkward and I dont know why!…” Most of the time I find that there are recurring common mistakes people make when decorating their homes!

The first is; Not utilizing the size of your space through the furniture chosen – We can successfully create illusions of how large or small our homes are by the furniture we choose to style with. Using items that are too small for larger areas or alternatively furniture that is too big for compact spaces causing a cramped area.

My Rule: is to make sure you can comfortably move between furniture I.E. there isn’t too much space between items, but you are not trying to squeeze in between them either.

I often find that clients don’t know their style and love everything and so they tend to over clutter which ultimately leads to a cramped vision and takes away from each piece.

My Rule : is to ‘CYS – Cull Your Space – If you over accessorize the interior you do a disservice to your space and to the pieces you treasure most CYS!

My Secret to making small spaces both functional and beautiful?

Don’t clutter and choose your furniture wisely. Buy pieces that can be space saving and multifunctional! In addition be careful with colour, dark, bold or strong colour schemes will make spaces appear smaller, My advice is keep things bright and clean and integrate those eclectic items you like in small doses…this way they can be seen and shown off!

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