Dalt For Apartments

8 years ago
1 minutes

A German-schooled designer has come up with a new marketable design solution to create more space in apartments. 

Jordi Iranzo, a furniture designer who recently graduated from Burg Giebidenstein University of Art,  created a storage system that would both be manoeuvrable and take up no floor space. 

“[It is] a simple concept that people can use in many different situations…” said Iranzo.

Whilst looking through images of apartments in Hong Kong, that often measured in at around 30sqm, Iranzo was bemused as to how that justified apartment-living as a liveable option.

“After I saw these amazing pictures, I was a little bit in shock…how can a person or family live in these small apartments…”

“This project is designed for people who need more space.”

“Nowadays, space is one of the most valuable things we have,” Iranzo continued.

Labelled as Dalt, this new furniture design has inspired others, including Ikea, to formulate new furniture for those lacking space. Dalt, however, is engineered with pullie-technology, that allows the piece to go up and down for convenient use.