Decor Tips: How to make your brand new home your own

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Moving into a brand new home is a very exciting process. You’ve spent months or even years trying to find the perfect apartment or townhouse, and now you’ve found it.

Yet, we don’t often think about what happens after you move into a new home. What do you do once you’ve moved all your things into your new space? When the movers have left and you finally have the place to yourself?

During this time you are faced with the often daunting process of decorating. Now that you have your own place, it’s time to make it feel like home. Here are some decor tips to do exactly that.


Get organised from the get-go

When unpacking your clothing items, do so with intention and organisation to maintain a clean space. Image source.

If you want to make your new home feel cosy, you need to start by making it clean. Do this from the get-go. Instead of putting things away without any direction or planning, take your time and do so with intention. Whether it is folding and putting clothes away, stacking your books on the bookcase, or placing your toolbox in a memorable spot, ensuring your home is organised from the start will make the rest of the design process easier on you.

Establishing that everything has a home can be a good starting point to the design process. Once you ensure your space has been practically organised, you can design your way around it. After all, who can unwind and relax in a space that is unruly and cluttered?

When you have cleaned and organised your home, make sure you keep it up. Regularly wash your sheets, keep floors and other surfaces cleaned, and declutter often. Your home is an expression of who you are and can dictate your mood. Making a sanctuary within your home ensures it is a place you want to come home to.


Display meaningful and nostalgic items

Loved photographs add an element of familiarity and home to your new space. Image source.

It may take some time to warm up to your new space and truly make it feel like home. Some people miss our previous living situations or even our childhood homes.

Don’t worry, there is an easy way to quickly warm up your space. Display items and photographs that you find meaningful and/or give a sense of nostalgia. These items carry with them loved memories and familiarity that can add a feeling of comfort to your home. 

It might be that guitar you used to play on with a parent, a series of photographs from your family trip one summer, or board games you and your friends used to play in your last home. Whatever it may be, these items can be put up to incorporate a lovely design element while establishing a sense of home no matter where you live.

When it comes to hanging up photographs, there can be some restructions. For example, some landlords won’t allow you to hammer a nail into your wall. Consider using removable hanging hooks or strips instead. They still do the job and no one will be able to tell the difference. It’s worthwhile if it means you are able to display your photographs on your walls. After all, they add character and personality to an otherwise empty space.


Freshen up your home with greenery

Houseplants can add so much to your new home. Image source.

Placing houseplants in your home quite literally brings a breath of fresh air. Plants and flowers have been shown to positively impact our moods and reduce stress. It also helps that greenery and fresh flora makes for a pop of colour and vivacity in a new and empty home, where large spaces can sometimes feel dull.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still keep plants in your home. There are many easier and more manageable houseplants you can opt for. Consider potting herbs in mason jars to sit on window sills, buying fresh flowers to brighten up the dining room, or succulents to decorate your shelves and bookcases.

No matter what it may be, make sure you have the supplies you need to maintain healthy and happy plants. Pots, a watering can, and maybe some potting mix are some good supplies to have on hand.


Light up your space

Layered lighting can make for a warm and homely ambience. Image source.

Lighting is essential for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. To prevent harsh light in your home, ensure your lights emit warm shades of white or yellow to promote relaxation and warmth.

Then add additional lighting to layer and soften the vibe. Whether it is pendant lights, wall sconces, floor and table lamps, string lights, or even candles, you can’t go wrong with adding more lighting. The warm hues and different levels of brightness add interest to your home while creating a more pleasant ambience.

Many furniture stores offer various lamps and lights for you to choose from. Well-known superstores like IKEA also offer a wide range of lamps, often with unique designs and fun colours. Have fun and be creative with your lighting - show off your personality! This only further establishes your brand new home as yours.


Display your books

A complete bookcase adds character to any home. Image source.

A bookcase filled with books can make any home feel more cosy. It adds so much personality and character to your space, not to mention a beautiful design element that doesn’t require any additions. 

Bookcases are also perfect places to showcase any smaller art pieces you may have. Perhaps some photo frames or even smaller houseplants to add visual interest.

But, before you go to unpack your books, make sure you establish a structure. How would you like your books to be organised? Maybe you’d like to sort them by the colours of their covers, alphabetical by author, or by genre? Whichever method you end up choosing, just remember to shelve your books. After all, the sooner they are on display, the faster you can sit down with a cup of tea and read.

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