Decorate like a rich lister

7 years ago
3 minutes

Having a smaller budget doesn’t mean limiting the quality of your apartment. There are a number of tricks to adding that luxurious touch, and we’ve gathered our top six below.


1. Choose statement furniture pieces

If your budget is tight but you want your apartment to have a wow factor, seek out one or two key furniture pieces and make them the focus of the room. A home with a classic, quality dining table or couch will look more expensive than one where the spend is spread across a number of smaller items.

Spending wisely on a premium piece will also result in you owning something that will last longer.

2. Ditch the trends

Walk into the home of a wealthy person and you’ll notice one thing: they don’t do what everyone else is doing.


Whilst there are new trends in colour and styling every year, or even every season, slavishly adhering to them will only result in an apartment that’s looks dated all too soon.


Try combining older, traditional pieces with your newer furniture and be a little more eclectic in your styling.


3. Add texture and colour

Blankets and throws can work some kind of magic on your apartment. And the easiest way to use them to add a touch of next-level luxury is to select a faux fur. Not only cheaper but more socially acceptable than the real thing, a faux fur adds a sense of decadence without the guilt.


Another key choice is a richly-coloured blanket like a royal blue or a vivid carmine red to add a feature pop of colour in a room.


Power move: Combine both a faux fur with a deep primary colour and you have the layers to ooze quality.


4. Get a pro paint job

Yes, we are all capable of painting a wall. But getting the perfect finish requires a professional. Not only will an expert decoration job always look better, but you can also ask for interior decorating advice. They may help you plan a feature wall, something that can add real visual strength to your home.

5. Master your materials

If you’re going to add one statement piece to a room, consider the materials. Classics like marble or oak still hold the same sense of timeless style they always have, no matter what trends come and go (see point 2 above). 


Just think of how impressive a marble island bench is for a kitchen, or a large traditional oak dining table and chairs, even in a modern apartment – it’s the contrast of old and new that exudes wealth and confidence. Mixing up these feature pieces with more contemporary items and you’ll begin to achieve that eclectic nature only the wealthy can usually get away with. 


6. Be reflective

Nothing says luxe like a huge mirror or statement glassware piece. Humans are a little like magpies deep down and can’t help but be attracted to shiny things.

A huge feature mirror not only grabs attention but of course also help increase the size of a space. And when you start layering up glassware like vases your apartment will exude an effortless style – for example, add an oversized glass lamp to a room and it instantly feels expensive.

So, whilst being wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy, having a wealthy-looking apartment without breaking the bank might just get you halfway there.

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