Decorating Budget

9 years ago
2 minutes

It is a very exciting time when you are moving into your very first apartment - transforming it into your own.

However, after such a large investment, and most likely the largest of your life so far, decorating your apartment can be a fiscally petrifying thought. So here are some tips to decorating on a budget.

Firstly, it is okay to go used. This doesn’t mean you have to decorate your apartment with an orange 1970s vibe, or make your apartment look like an op-shop, but you can always hunt for some absolutely beautiful (and often as-new) pieces to suit your home. When buying used-furniture, your mobile phone may be your best friend, as well as your ability to browse the internet on it. When you are hunting around antique stores and flea markets, be sure to search for a label or brand - a quick search of the label and brand will not only give you more information on the product, but may also give you some exceptional bargain insight. Inspect the materials, and if it is vintage, make sure it works.

Secondly, online sales are also very important - you may find that one-day only sale where you can buy that piece you wanted for half the price and with cheap shipping. Be sure to check out the websites of your favourite retailers, and check department store websites such as Target, Myer and David Jones, as well as auction and sales sites such as Amazon, Etsy and eBay. If you want that discount code, sign up, add something to your cart, browse around, and then quit the website - most websites will send you a discount code to your email the next day.

Thirdly, use what you already have, even if it is not much. This is the best way to save money, whether you use them as they were meant to be used, or use them in another way. Things like hanging your statement necklaces on hooks, or buy using books as a form of decor.


Also, get creative. There are so many incredible DIY furniture ideas that will not only save money, but may constitute as important pieces for your apartment.