Decorating on a conscience

2 years ago
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So you've bought a beautiful off-the-plan apartment or townhome and now have a bit of time to plan your interior decorating while the property is being built. It might feel a little overwhelming but we've got you covered. Here are a few local companies with a conscience that you can support while getting ready to move into your newly built home. 

Yard Furniture 

Image by Yard Furniture


Yard Furniture offers bespoke, sustainably made furniture using only locally salvaged and reclaimed Australian hardwoods. Based in Melbourne, the brand sources all timber from within Victoria to reduce its carbon footprint and includes famous sites including Jam Factory and The National Gallery of Victoria. Each piece is lovingly crafted and finished with the most ecologically sound process available. 

All furniture pieces are proud of their raw integrity and the visual richness of the original timber - showcasing the past lives of your bespoke piece. This is certainly the most stylish way to reduce the need for logging and diverting materials from landfill. 

Armadillo & Co.

Image by Armadillo & Co.


There's no doubt your new flooring will be divine but sometimes you need a rug to bring it all together. Founded in 2009, Armadillo & Co. has made its mark marrying ethics with aesthetics through its range of elegant, handmade, quality rugs. This year, the company because the first Australian rug brand to become a Certified B Corporation™ - internationally recognised for meeting the highest of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability. 


Image by Koala


Homegrown mattress favourite Koala was the pioneer of delivering mattresses in a compact cardboard box. We've all seen the videos of the red wine test - where you place a glass of red on one side of the mattress and jump onto the other side. Despite the laws of physics, the glass doesn't tip. 

The brand has since branched out to offer bed frames, armchairs, sofas and desks - all of which are not just comfortable but also stylish. Koala is also involved with a range of eco-conscious initiatives including 1% for the Planet and WWF as well as being a Certified B Corporation™.

Retro Print Revival

Image by Retro Print Revival


For a truly unique aesthetic to your new home, check out Tamara Watts’ Retro Print Revival for show-stopping lamps, planters and vases. Created in testament to mid-century design and European Modernism, this Melbourne-based brand offers bold prints and patterns that combine vintage and mid-century inspired design with excellent craftsmanship. The Australian design team behind these beautiful pieces proudly sources all sustainable elements from surrounding communities to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. 

Five Mile Radius

Image by Five Mile Radius


Driven by the tagline "build with what you've got", Brisbane-based Five Mile Radius has made a name for their design studio by repurposing Australia's construction materials. From beautiful terrazzo coffee tables (above) to these earthy stools made from recycled timber power poles, all Five Mile Radius products support local industries, reduce wastage on construction sites, limit the use of energy-intensive materials and offer supply chain transparency. 

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Header image by Inside Weather on Unsplash