Designing A Child's Room

8 years ago
2 minutes

Parents are torn with how to enliven kids bedrooms; designing a room to cater to your child’s individual traits and quirky personality can be challenging. 

Many parents say it is one of the hardest things to shop for your kids let alone the task to decorate their room.  

Shopping for a child is hard enough, let alone decorating their room - will it last, or will all this effort just be a waste of time?

Delve into style and use vivacious colour, diverse textures and add loads of playfulness to create an exciting design for your kid’s bedroom. 

Of course every parent wants to encourage their little ones growing minds and sprout their creativity, so design a bedroom that will not only capture a child’s attention and imagination, but also retain it,

Efficient and functional design will grant a larger play space.

If you’re furnishing a small scaled kids room, try to create the illusion of a bigger entertainment and learning space, by using the wall height for vertical shelving, and dual use of beds for storage opportunities and trundles. 

Keep it fashionable and cosy with plenty of playful style. If you’re going to pick a theme, make sure it is one that will work even when they step into the “cool” age of their early teens.

Use temporary wall decals to add character, that can quickly transform the ambiance of a kids room on a limited budget any time you want. These decals help personalise a room and sleeping area with their favourite theme without costly wallpaper or time consuming painting. 

Even the night sky light on the ceiling is a beautiful and serene reminder of the skies above our heads, to fall asleep under the stars 


Colour it right with vibrant shades for a rich decorating style. It is hard to steer away from the classic neutral colours of today’s modern interiors. But its time to turn up the colour spectrum for the kids to create a truly spectacular hangout for the little ones.

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