Dining Lighting

9 years ago
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Whether your new apartment has a large open plan living area with two spaces designed for lounge and dining, or your dining room is an extension of your kitchen, there are plenty of ways in which you can maximise space using clever lighting choices. 

Layering lighting in the dining area of your new apartment is the ideal way to create ambient lighting that’s ideal for dining. 

Creating layers with different lighting accents

Downlights and similar overhead light fixtures are an important first step when it comes to lighting your new apartment. It’s important to acknowledge however that you’ll need more than these overhead lights to create ambient lighting to emulate a tranquil atmosphere in your new home. In order to be able create the right atmosphere for relaxation you need to use a number of different light sources within any given space. 

When it comes to the dining area, there are different ways that you can layer lighting. In open plan areas, light from other rooms in the home can filter into the dining area making it easy to add just the right amount of light for dining. In instances where you are working with small to medium open plan spaces, a few lamps on in the lounge room, combined with a kitchen light and some candles on the table’s center can ensure the optimal level of ambient lighting for a romantic dinner for two. 

Making a statement in your dining room

If you want to make a statement in your dining room but have limited space, an elegant, low hanging contemporary chandelier or large pendant light is the perfect way to make an instant impression. Large lights make a bold statement and if you’re working within a limited area they can add personality to your dining room without taking up precious floor space. 

Multipurpose dining areas

If you are living in a compact apartment space, you may want to use your dining table for more than just meal times. If this is the case, ensure that the lighting you choose can be optimised for different purposes. For instance, having a dimmer installed with your overhead downlights will ensure that you can turn the lights right up when you are doing paperwork or working late at home, and you can also dim the lights to the right level when you want to create a relaxing atmosphere at dinner time. 

How to display lights in your dining room

The type of overhead lighting you select and the way you choose to display it will also depend on the shape and size of your dining table. For rectangular tables, a uniform row of statement pendant lights can look really effective. For a round table, a large central light fixture like a chandelier can finish the dining area off beautifully. 

As a general rule, all of your light fixtures should be at least 30 inches above the table top. If you are using an open shade or a pendant light that has an exposed bulb, you’ll want to suspend the light as high as possible to avoid glare while dining. 

Experiment with different lighting ideas within your dining area until you find what works best in your new apartment. 

By Katie Preston Toepfer, author, creative writer and content coordinator for GoLights.com.au