Do you really need an internet fridge?

4 years ago
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The answer is, of course, no. But like most things, it’s not really a question of whether you need the latest technology in your home, but whether you want it.

Does an internet fridge enhance your life, or is it merely another way to create more distractions? Let’s take a look at the benefits of owning a fridge that has its own broadband account…

Family focal point

Straight off the mark, this is where an internet fridge really comes into its own – as the main point of contact in the home.

With many busy families spending plenty of time around the kitchen area, it makes sense to have a central hub of communication everyone can share.

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Family members can view a central calendar to see who’s where and when, share messages and set reminders for each other, even leaving hand-written notes via the touchscreen. This range from LG has a central shopping list everyone can add their favourite items to.

And of course, sticking photos to the fridge with magnets has come of age – you can now upload your favourite pics directly from your phone onto the fridge’s screen for all to see.

Picture this: as you grab the milk for your breakfast cereal you glimpse the weather forecast, see that your partner has a sports fixture after work, and learn the traffic will be a little slow on your usual route to the office. Sounds like the perfect day? Thank you, smart fridge.

Online shopping

The most logical reason for having a fridge connected to the internet is to be able to easily shop online for groceries.

Many smart fridges are able to detect when you’re running out of things and automatically add them to your online shopping list at your favourite supermarket.

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There are even fridges like this one from Samsung which has built-in cameras inside. You can be walking down the supermarket aisle and take a look inside your fridge right from your phone to see what you’re running low on.

Anyone who’s arrived home laden with groceries only to find they forgot to buy the one thing they went out for in the first place, will appreciate all of these great features.

Household connectivity

Being connected means your fridge can also be used to control other connected devices throughout your home.

For example, whilst you’re preparing dinner you could set the mood in the dining room with lighting, music, temperature control and so on.

Some, such as this one again from Samsung, even allow parents controls, so you can lock-out the tv in the kid’s area when you’re about to serve up dinner… not a popular move, but oh — the power!

credit: Samsung

Security features such as a camera at your front door can also be easily accessed from the hub of the home, meaning you never have to stray from the place you spend a lot of your time together.

So, to answer our question — do you need an internet fridge? Probably not. But, do you want one? We think you might. In fact, we’re not sure how you’ve gotten by so long without one.

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