Dog breeds that will love your new apartment as much as you do

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Just because you’ve decided to purchase an apartment doesn’t mean you have to give up your dreams of being a fur parent. While most people associate dog ownership with a big backyard, the truth is there are many dog breeds that are well suited for apartment living.  

Due North recognises that many people see their pets as part of their family and have sniffed out ways to provide more space, inside and out to get tails wagging. Located in the hive of Preston South, Due North offers apartments defined by striking interiors, large balconies and easy-care surfaces backdropped by stunning views.  

If you’re considering embracing all the perks of apartment living with a new fur baby, here are our top six dog breeds that will be as at home at Due North as you will be. 


Yorkshire Terrier

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Standing at an adorable 23cm tall and weighing an itty-bitty 3kg, these tiny terriers are perfect for apartment living. They are highly intelligent, bouncy but not overly energetic - meaning a quick 20-minute walk in the morning and evening is enough to keep them happy and healthy. They are quick learners and highly obedient.



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Cavoodles are exactly as cute as they sound. A cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle, these dogs readily display a loving temperament and demonstrate high intelligence. They’re perfect for apartments as long as they receive daily exercise and attention from you. They have low-shed/hypoallergenic coats which means you don’t have to worry about hair accumulating around your new apartment. 



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Surprised? You would be forgiven for thinking a 25-40kg Greyhound won’t be happy in your new apartment but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sometimes referred to as a lazy lounger, Greyhounds like to live life at a slower pace - perfect for apartment living. While they do need daily exercise - like any other breed - most Greyhounds are quite happy to spend their days lounging around. 


Shi Tzu

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Don’t buy into the myth that these adorable creatures are ‘yappy’ dogs. With the right training, Shi Tzus are great apartment dogs. They’re petite, love being indoors and don’t require much exercise. In fact, following you around your spacious new apartment at Due North will probably be enough of a walk for them. 


Boston Terrier

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You know the breed - the one that immediately makes you say ‘aww’. A hybrid between Bulldogs and English Terriers, Boston Terriers are one of the more popular apartment dogs. They are known for their low energy, friendly demeanour, diminutive size and they don’t tend to bark a lot - especially if you leave enough toys for them to play with while you’re out during the day. They’re incredibly easy to train and are low-shedding. 


Australian Bulldog

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If you’re a fan of bigger dogs, an Australian Bulldog might be just the right fit for you. Despite their size (or perhaps because of it), these friendly guys are super laid back. They’re naturally quiet, calm and low-energy. Like Greyhounds, their main priority is to nap, eat and be near you. They are also surprisingly affectionate and don’t need a lot of interaction with other dogs. 

Due North offers 107 pet-friendly apartments with a maximum of 12 apartments per floor - giving you and your fur baby plenty of space to relax and entertain. One and two-bedroom apartment prices start at $352,000 - for more information on living with your pooch at Due North, click here.