Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls

8 years ago
2 minutes

A Singaporean development’s has today unveiled its plans to have a tiered garden, complimented with its own waterfall, giving residences an urban oasis unmatched anywhere in the world.

German-based Ingehoven Architects have created a development that has a strong emphasis on green and escape. Made up of four separate apartment buildings, an abundance of green is in the middle providing a garden atrium that seemingly spirals up amongst the apartments.

"Marina One is one of the first developments of its type to integrate soft landscape into the fabric of the building,"

"The planting is designed to create inspiring and multifunctional urban spaces to be enjoyed by all in Singapore," they told Dezeen.  "There is often a preconception that the climate is too hot and humid to make active use of outdoor space."

The atrium, designed by London-based design company Gustafson Porter, will be the largest green urban sanctuary in all of Singapore, and is sure to attract attention from the global public.

"Visitors and inhabitants ascend skywards into the Cloud Forests to the Mountain Top, which alludes to the changing environments and habitats that one might experience whilst climbing a mountain," explained the architects.

"The public enter from the commercial promenade into the lush vegetation of the garden."

"In the Cloud Forests, one can escape the activity and movement of people at the base of the building and find a relaxed setting for daytime and evening socialising," they added.

"The Mountain Top is filled with climbing vegetation to screen service facilities from view and provide habitats for insects and birds.”

Matched with state of the art fitness facilities, and an amazing swimming pool, Marina One is taking a step closer to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly stance for apartment developments.