Don't make these lighting mistakes

4 years ago
3 minutes

Having a light-filled apartment has all sorts of benefits, from improving your quality of life to the aesthetic of your interior, which means getting it wrong can have all sorts of negative effects.

Of course, elements like floor-to-ceiling windows help improve your chances of having a bright interior during the day, but at night, or when the winter months arrive, fixed lighting becomes even more important. 

Getting it right can be tough, whatever lighting you implement needs to be right for the space and suit your style at the same time. So, to help avoid some of the stress, we have a look at some of the common mistakes people make when choosing the lighting into their homes. 

Relying on a single light source

This is one of the most commonly-made errors. A single light source can often result in an unflattering, dull and poorly lit environment. 


If there is just one light in the room, add to it with some free-standing lamps to avoid eye strain or accidents, like this elegant number from Beacon Lighting.

Recessed lights don’t fill the void 

It’s admittedly easy to install a row of recessed lights and think that they’ll do the job, but that’s often not the case.


Aside from making the ceiling look like a cheese grater, they only succeed in producing ambient lighting and won’t add any warmth or character to a room.

Not combining the three main types of lighting

Following on from the mistake of only using recessed light fittings, another common error is not thinking about the three basic types of lighting – Ambient, Task and Accent. 


Ambient lighting is the overall light that sets the foundation for the room. This can be built on by adding Task lighting — focussed light that is directed towards a smaller focal point — and Accent lighting — another type of focussed light that is used to highlight features in the environment, like artwork. 

When combined together, they create a much more dynamic, interesting, and functional lighting layout. So try to mix a variety of overhead lights, table or floor lamps, wall lights and pendant lights together. 

Using lights that are too bright 

Overhead or standing lights that are too harsh can create an unpleasant environment and should be avoided. Just imagine feeling as if you are constantly under a spotlight — it’s not going to produce the sort of ambiance you want in your home. 


If possible, install some dimmer switches that can control the level of brightness the lights are omitting. If that’s not possible, implement some soft globes that can help achieve the mood you want in a particular space. 

Don’t forget shadows

Whenever there is light, there will inevitably be shadows. Place a light in the wrong spot and you could create more problems than solutions.


A common place where this occurs is in the bathroom, where installing a light in the wrong location can cast a shadow on your face, making shaving or doing your hair a more difficult task than it should be. 

This is where Task lighting comes into play. Implement some vanity wall lights, floor lamps or under-cabinet lights to avoid those pesky shadows. 

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