Drones to bring profound change to architecture

7 years ago
1 minutes

We’ve written about this in a previous article, but it seems like the possibility of drone landing pads being built into apartment buildings is coming a step closer.

That is, according to architect Mark Dytham who recently spoke to Dezeen about how drones will change pretty much everything about the way architects approach building design.article-image

The co-founder of studio Klein Lytham Architecture based in Tokyo sees buildings adapting to the way drones will affect transport and delivery channels. In particular, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles for everyday deliveries.

With the improvement to drone battery power, Lytham predicts UAVs will begin carrying heavier loads directly to your home. “You’ll be able to land on a balcony, you’ll be able to land on a roof and other perches. Architecture will start sprouting branches for you to land on.”


Dytham even sees a future where residents no longer enter a building through a ground floor entrance, but flying to the rooftop or even directly to their own balcony landing pad. “In the future, you'll experience architecture from drones,” he said. “They will change the way architecture is perceived. We'll all see buildings from above. We'll cease to be ground-dwelling creatures; we'll see things in a vertical dimension.”

How will this affect your traditional apartment building’s rooftop amenities? The rooftop garden and bbq areas may just have to move elsewhere to make way for your landing pad…

source: dezeen

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