Dulux names soothing ‘Bright Skies’ as 2022 colour of the year

2 years ago
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Dulux’s 2022 colour of the year is a soothing greyish blue called “Bright Skies”. The fresh tone reflects the colour of the sky on a sunny day, breathing new life into spaces. Dulux describes “Bright Skies” as “a light, airy and optimistic blue that’s good for the soul. It promises to open up and revitalise your home.” 

This year’s colour of the year was selected by a panel of international design experts, with colour trends over the past year taken into account. The past two years have seen lives around the world change significantly, and “Bright Skies” reflects the ever-growing role of the home within our daily lives. Dulux has stated that “open skies and a breath of fresh air” were two of the key ideas that experts thought about when choosing this year’s colour of the year. 

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Dr Alex George is this year’s colour of the year ambassador. Dr George is a UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador and TV personality who believes in the power of colour, how it can improve our daily lives and act as a breath of fresh air. Bright Skies comes in a response to two years of restrictions and lockdowns that have forced many people to spend more time in their homes. The 2022 Colour of the Year is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also good for the soul, representing a sense of optimism and freedom moving forward. 

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Bright Skies provides opportunity to open up the home with subtle yet powerful colour. In addition to naming the 2022 colour of the year, Dulux has also created four palettes that demonstrate how Bright Skies can be used to decorate a space. The Workshop palette pairs bright tones like Lemon Jester with Bright Skies, with the intention of enhancing multi-functional spaces. The Greenhouse palette features green and blue hues that are very on-trend at the moment. The palette is intended to instil the positivity that nature brings within your home. 

The colours in Dulux’s Studio palette aim to create soothing spaces ideal for recharging and collecting inspiration. Bright Skies is paired with other soft and airy shades like Birch Root and Restful Slumber that epitomise comfort. The Salon palette features colours like Rubble Road and Cliff Walk to provide a neutral blank canvas of soft whites and light neutrals. 

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