An easier way to search house and land

5 years ago
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Buying new gives you all the benefits of an untouched product – shiny new kitchen appliances, the latest designs and floor plans. On top of this, you can receive stamp duty savings when you buy house and land packages.

Owning your own house and land has always been the Australian dream. Now, as the housing market cools and remains steady for the next 12 months, that dream is more achievable than ever. And with new platforms like houseandlanddevelopments.com.au, it’s easy to find a package that suits you.

However, as with any significant investment, purchasing off the plan house and land comes with an element of risk. It’s important to look at things like the builder and land developers background and history. Have they successfully brought similar products to market and seen them to completion? Have previous customers been happy with the service and product?


Sometimes it can be hard to know what to look out for, which is why houseandlanddevelopments.com.au is so beneficial. We know the market inside and out, and we have the insider tips. We can help you on your journey to buying your own house.

So, there are a few steps involved in buying a house and land package. First, you need to get an understanding of your financial position with respect to how much you can borrow. Once your finances are in order, research your preferred location or ideal development and ensure you find out as much as you can about the developer.

Shop around, talk to builders, agents and family members. Maybe one of them has experience or knowledge about the exciting process you’re about to start and can give you a few pearls of wisdom.


You can find out more through our Buying&Living section, where we have market insights on anything from our comprehensive buyer’s guide to tips to finding the right home or why living sustainably can save you money.

On top of this, we only list house and land projects, so ALL of our content and materials on site is based around the land category itself – with no other distractions! We also provide an uncluttered, simple and informative environment for our projects to be showcased. Our investor packs and guides to buying house and land help you to make more informed decisions.

Now that you’ve read this, you can check out our website and start searching for your ideal house and land package. Looking to live in the west? Look no further than our Best of the West article, or discover what life can be like by looking up True North in Greenvale.

(Tim Fleming - General Manager, AD Group)